September 1, 2020

Scrump Likes Digimon

Episode 4!  Our guest this week is co-host of the PWTcast, Alberto "Scrump" Lara.  We travel back in time to how Digimon entered young Scrump's life and how it helped shape his world view.  We go over how the Digimon marketing team failed but that should not reflect poorly on the show itself.  We end the podcast with a story about Scrump committing a crime in school to try to look cool in front of his friends (I think the statute of limitations is up...).  The whole podcast is a journey through the joys of nostalgia in our lives.

You can follow Scrump at:

Twitter: @scrump_1

Instagram: @cm_scrump

You can check out his podcast "PWTcast" available on all podcasting platforms and:

Twitter: @PWTcast

Instagram: @PWTcast



You can follow this podcast at:

Twitter: @WDYLPodcast

Instagram: @WhatDoYouLikePodcast


And thank you to Jesse Spillane for the theme song Torchlight Tango Main Theme

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